MultiSpec 3.4.1


Developer:Purdue Research Foundation
Sub category:Science

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  • MultiSpec is a processing system for interactively analyzing Earth observational multispectral image data such as that produced by the Landsat series of Earth satellites and hyperspectral image data from current and future airborne and spaceborne systems such as AVIRIS. The primary objective of MultiSpec is as an aid to export the results of our research into devising good methods for analyzing such hyperspectral image data. It has also found significant use in other applications such as multiband medical imagery and in K-12 and university level educational activities. There are currently in excess of several thousand known, registered users. MultiSpec satisfies the following design goals: - The implementation should be on a readily available computer platform which has adequate processing power, but is financially within the reach of any Earth science researcher (i.e., computer platforms - The system should be easy to learn and easy to use, even for the infrequent user, using the most modern of software environments. - The system should provide for easy import of data in a variety of formats, and easy export of results, both in thematic map and in tabular form.

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