Otto Matic 3.1.2


Title:Otto Matic
Sub category:Adventure

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  • Otto Matic... Your rocket ship will take you to each of the planets, starting with Earth. While on each planet you must save as many humans as you can, but be careful because the Brain Aliens will try to abduct the humans before you can save them. When you save humans, they are teleported to your rocket ship. To escape the planet you must also collect rocket fuel. Once The Giant Brain has been defeated and peace restored to the galaxy, you will return to Earth with your human cargo where they will be freed. In Otto Matic...10 levels on strange alien planets!Battle 25 different alien creatures!Attack with 7 different types of space-age weaponsFight off giant radioactive killer vegetables!Ski behind giant metal beasts on a sea of toxic ooze!Ride soap bubbles across noxious lakes of slimy goo!Get shot out of a cannon!Smash alien clowns in hovercraft bumper-cars!Drink radioactive potions to grow to 50ft tall!Ride a zip-line to escape mutant radioactive robots!Pilot a flying saucer and lay waste to an alien fortress!Battle the Giant Brain from Planet XAnd much, much more!

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