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  • Tri-CATALOG analyzes and catalogues an unlimited number of volumes. If you spend too much time finding a picture or a file on your hard disk or your CDs, just let Tri-CATALOG analyze them once, and you'll recover them in a wink. Tri-CATALOG was built to save a list of the contents of your folders, local and remote disks, CDs, DVDs, etc., in its database so that you can locate them quickly and easily. Features - Share your pictures: For each folder or disk analyzed, Tri-CATALOG creates a "virtual volume" containing the list of files with folder hierarchy, as well as thumbnails for images. With Tri-CATALOG, you can easily share this data with other users and other Macs. - Protect your pictures: You can send "virtual volumes" to others. They can view your images but with limited resolution. You retain control of the original pictures. - Bring your whole photo library with you: The "virtual volumes" are very light compared to the original volume, but you can see all the images (reduced). On a small Mac, you can view all of your pictures.

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