Merge SX 1.0.1


Title:Merge SX
Developer:Douglas Welton
Category:Multimedia Design
Sub category:Video

Rate 91% (Votes 2067)
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  • Merge SX helps professional and amateur video content creators seamlessly join a collection of videos into a single movie. The software features a simple user interface, gesture-based tray management, preview generation, and options for sharing your output movie with other applications or various video-centric internet services. Merge SX includes the following key features: - Easy Organization Use drag'n'drop to position the segments in the desired order for the final movie output. - Automatic Chapters Create a chapter track with visual markers located at the beginning of each segment. - Track Thinning Limit the output movie to include only the video and audio tracks from each segment source. - Precise Navigation Double-click the in-point or out-point handles to set movie segment length with frame-level accuracy. - Modern Codecs Create new movies in a variety of formats (e.g., H.264, HEVC, etc.) for a range of playback situations. - Background Exports New movies are created in the background, enabling you to continue working without waiting. - Simple Segmentation Include all or part of a movie in the output by adjusting the in-point and out-point handles. - Sharing Share your output directly to Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter or other popular internet services.

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