ForgotIt? 2.0.0


Developer:Erich H. Rast
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Sub category:Home Inventory

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  • ForgotIt is a cross-platform password and notes manager with strong encryption, user-defined categories, and an easy & intuitive user interface. Since its first release in 1997 it does what it's supposed to do: manage passwords. ForgotIt? uses strong Blowfish or Rijndael (AES) encryption and SHA1 hashing to protect password lists and launches even multiple URLs that belong to a password entry. Note: if you're upgrading to ForgotIt? 2.0.0 you need to export your Password lists from ForgotIt? 1.4 in plaintext to an encrypted disk image first. Press the option (alt) key for an extended export option in the File menu. You may create encrypted disk images using Apple's Disk Utility or Truecrypt.

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