Desktop Icons Hider 5.0


Title:Desktop Icons Hider
Developer:Ruchira Ramesh
Sub category:Productivity

Rate 91% (Votes 4221)
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  • 7576b5472674913bc22e19d078db5280

Comments (9)


  • Using Desktop Icons Hider you can hide all desktop icons on the screen.The application also supports multiple monitors.If you have even 4 monitors setup, the application could hide desktop icons from all monitors at a time. The application is very customizable as well. For example : In the application you could set to hide desktop icons from only 1st and 3rd screen. In this case, you will be able to see the desktop icons on screen2 and screen 4 but the icons will remain hidden on screen 1 and 3. If required, the desktop icons could be hidden from all screen at once also There are various times when we do not want to show our cluttered desktop icons. For example if you are giving a presentation, you would never want to show your desktop icons to the large group of audiences. If somehow the screen minimizes, people would be able to see the cluttered icons which could prove to be a little bit embarrassing. This also hurts the privacy of an individual. Apart from this, if you are taking screenshots or recording video , it is always best to hide the desktop icons so that the recorded screen or the screenshot appears to be beautiful and clutter free The entire functionality of the application could be controlled from Menubar Icon easily. Just tap on the menubar icon and you will be presented with easy options to hide the desktop icons from selected or all screens

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