New Paint X 1.2.3


Title:New Paint X
Developer:Hong Chen
Category:Graphics and Design
Sub category:Designs and Graphics

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  • New Paint X is a classic painting application to draw, color, or edit pictures. You can use New Paint X like a digital sketchpad to make simple pictures, creative projects, or to add text and designs to other pictures, such as those taken with your digital camera Efficient tools: - Pencil: draw thin, free-form lines or straight lines - Brush: over 150 built-in paintbrushes, such as DNA brush, Calligraphy brush, Blur brush, Ink brush and so on - Eraser: erase areas from image - Color bucket: fill the entire picture or an enclosed shape with color - Airbrush: sprays paint onto image - Shape and text: many ready-made shapes, such as Line, Curve, Oval, Star, Polygon, Cloud, Smile and so on - Color picker: pick a color for drawing tools from canvas - Crop tool: crop specific area from image - Selection tools: rectangle selection, ellipse selection, free-form selection and polygon selection - Zoom tool: zoom in/out the canvas - Hand tool: translate the canvas Drawing functionality: - Supported selection modes: normal, union, intersect, subtract - Resize/translate selection - Stroke/fill selection - Supported blend modes: normal, darken, lighten, soft light, hard light, and so on - Complete keyboard shortcuts support - Basic image functions: rotate, flip, resize, crop - Support transparency color Other features: - Create new image from system clipboard - Drag images from web browser or Finder onto canvas - Zoom by gesture - Paste from an image file - Supported file formats: png, tiff, bmp, jpeg, gif

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