Timey 3 3.3.2d


Title:Timey 3
Developer:Nice Apps
Sub category:Productivity

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  • Timey 3 is a timer and stopwatch for your menubar. Click to start or pause, right-click to reset. Click on the settings button to change time, load a preset, customize global keyboard shortcuts and more Features: - Stopwatch and timer - Full screen display - Customizable timer presets - Customizable global keyboard shortcuts - Today View widget - Ticking sound support - Easy to use and elegant - Fast, lightweight and accurate Timey 3 has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up with these key areas in mind: - Ease of use Timey's UI has been reimagined to be more straightforward. Using important features like time changing, timer presets and stopwatch is now easier then ever. - Menu bar space saving the app now takes less of your precious screen space. The menu button automatically hides and there is an all-new mini mode available. - Presets (previously Quick Timers) presets are now the core part of the app. Using and managing them has been brought to the front and you are now able to quickly access them using global keyboard shortcuts.

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