Hop 1.0


Developer:Rayner Software
Sub category:Network

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  • Hop lets you run your own Internet-routing VPN service out of your home. If you use a VPN, you've probably encountered issues with blocking or inaccessible content. The problem, in a nutshell, is that VPN is now a victim of its own success. It's almost impossible to find a VPN provider that "just works" everywhere, and isn't blocked on the sites you need to access. The reason is simple: far more people use VPNs today than they did 5 or 10 years ago. VPNs have become a primary target of content blockers. But what if the VPN server is your home? Therein lies Hop's mission: to turn your home into your VPN server. In Hop's world, when you're on a shared airport WiFi overseas with a few hours to kill, you can open up a connection to your home-based Hop server. You've now got a secure, encrypted tunnel between you and your home to carry all your Internet traffic. From your home, traffic gets routed out to the Internet and is indistinguishable from your normal, home-based Internet usage. Your home Internet gets beamed to you anywhere. Hop is a Mac app which you leave running at home while you travel. You can then access your own private Hop VPN from Mac or iPhone (or other platforms if you use the OpenVPN Connect app). This approach makes your VPN virtually un-blockable. Reliably access the same content you get at home, from anywhere.

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