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  • NutriWiz is a food data base, which can be used by experts and novices alike. Specific food items can be searched via an alphabetical list or the integrated search functionality. Depending on availability 16 macro- (partly graphic) and micro nutrients can be shown. Enter only a few of your body data and you are ready to go and reach your goals. Track your weight graphically, recommended weight is within the green area. Weight zones of disadvantages are shown in red. NutriWiz comes with a huge database. Anyway, if you have that special piece not already in, simply add it to the database. By this the app grows with you! Features: - Depending on availability 16 macro/micro nutrients are shown. - Display of Mg/Ca and So/Pot ratios. - Display of carbohydrate exchange units (BE,KAE). - Display of item suitability for obesity. - Display of item suitability for diabetes. - Display of item suitability for gout. - Display of item suitability for coronary disease. - Additionaly energy information as kcal and kjoule.

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