Buckets 0.55.1


Developer:Matt Haggard
Sub category:Finance

Rate 91% (Votes 4885)
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  • Buckets is a personal/family finance application with an emphasis on being more secure than other popular apps. It includes some free and novel methods to sync with your bank. Record completely private macros, import files or sign up with SimpleFIN Bridge. Buckets includes some terrific extras such as really fast Amazon why-do-they-split-every-purchase-into-a-hundred-transactions reconciliation. Buckets is private. Your finances stay on your computer. Buckets has no monthly fee. It costs $29. Once. You're saving money, not shackling yourself to another monthly service. A single license may be used on all your computers and all the computers of family members living in your home. Buckets is multilingual. Currently available languages: - Deutsch - English - Español - Français - Nederlands - Português

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