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  • Beyond is an application for running web servers on your Mac. Beyond is easy to use, simple to set up, and secure by design. You will be running a web server in seconds Features: - Simple and Secure Web Server - Beyond creates a web server on your Mac. Open the Beyond application and seconds later your web server is ready to browse and share. Setting up the web server is as easy as choosing a folder on your computer. The chosen folder becomes the source of the web server's files - Simple Beyond is simple - Every Beyond document is a web server. Starting and stopping the server is as easy as opening and closing a document - Secure Beyond is document based - Each document is an independent web server. The Beyond application and the embedded web servers are sandboxed to protect you and your files. Each web server can only read from the folder you chose to serve. The server can only serve static files; there are no executables or scripts to worry about - Powerful Server - Beyond's tiny memory requirement and multi-threaded performance will delight. Want to run many servers on your laptop? No problem. Beyond is light weight and tuned for performance. Beyond supports NAT-PMP and UPnP protocols for setting up access beyond your network

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