GlucoSweet 2.2.6


Developer:Sockii Pty Ltd
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  • GlucoSweet is a simple diabetes management app, which keeps track of your glucose readings, carbohydrate intake during meal times and medication/insulin too. Features - iCloud compatible (Sync and store your data). - Sync your data to your other devices running GlucoSweet on Mac and iOS. - Slick and easy to use interface. - Keeps you on track with your blood glucose monitoring - Records unlimited blood glucose readings and carbohydrate intakes during meal times! - Supports unlimited medication/insulin intake readings too! - Automatically remembers the 'unique' medication/insulin names for efficient and effective entering for the next time around. - Graphs the readings based on day of the week and the time of the day (in both 24-hr time period as well as time of day categories) so you can narrow down which days are making your readings high or low. - Graph supports display as scatter plot or line graph (Note: Line graph will display averages) - Beautiful pie chart to keep track of carbohydrate consumption during meal times. - Ability to analyse your readings based on custom input date ranges; and remembers your last date input! - Automatically determines and pin points which day was your highest or lowest reading - Determines the frequency of readings recorded in the high/normal/low - Supports both 12-hour and 24-hour time display formats - Supports both glucose units mmol/L and mg/dL - Supports several entry table sorting options choose one that suits you best! - Customisable normal range - Export data as CSV file, PDF or AirPrint. (Note: PDF and AirPrint will include graph only available on Mac version) - Supports passcode protection - Backup and Restore feature keep your readings in a safe place! - Retina display ready!

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