Scrawl 1.1.2


Developer:Cocoatype, LLC
Sub category:Personal Info Managers

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  • 2581e533bf6bd617ff501380ef1217f9

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  • Scrawl is a place to put those little notes you need for just a minute and then never want to see again. Where did you park the car? What's the ten-digit code to disarm the bomb? What gate do you need to meet your mother at? Scrawl gives you a small space to write these notes, which shows up when you need it and goes away when you don't. Keep it in windowed mode and show it as necessary, or stash it in the menu bar for one-click easy access. Scrawl is also available on iOS where it's far more useful, but sometimes you want those same notes on your Mac. Scrawl syncs with your other devices over iCloud, so you can jot something down on your Mac, look it up later on your iPhone, and then show it off on your iPad to friends who pretend to care about weird note apps you've downloaded. Scrawl isn't a complicated app. It's not even a particularly good app. It's just a place to put some text for a bit, and then look at it later. If that doesn't sell you on it, you probably don't want it.

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