Incident Management Server 1.6


Title:Incident Management Server
Developer:Schulz Software
Sub category:Chat

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  • The Incident Management System is a dedicated channel for really important messages. Incoming messages are repeated several times with a clearly audible alarm tone and vibration alert. A server system monitors user responses and alerts other users in the alarm chain, if necessary. The system can also alarm multiple users at once (group alarm). In any case, the IMS ensures that important information receives the priority it deserves. Especially in remote and rural areas or in unmanned manufacturing plants faults can be very expensive when left unmanaged. When systems fail on weekends, the schedule for the start of the week can easily be in jeopardy and manufacturing and delivery schedules can no longer be held. In our manufacturing plant we found that though we were capturing critical information, such as water levels, humidity, temperatures, motion, intrusion, etc, we lacked a priority communication channel to respond to alerts more timely. As we developed the Incident management Server, various iPhone Applications, and then linked it all together with the plant's already existing sensors we started to get a better real-time overview of incidents. We found that we can even channel important emails through the IMS to ensure they are acted upon in a timely manner. The IMS has significantly increased our own productivity and every week we are discovering new applications. The Incident Management Server works also well for families and small businesses. Children can carry the Hilferuf App on the iPhones and alert their parents when they need help. Because parents receive their children's alerts on this special channel, they do know that they need to react. And this is much better than the phone ringing with a call. One never knows if a phone call is important or not.

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