Write-Pro 4.0


Developer:Impact Financials, Inc.
Sub category:Word Processing

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  • Write-Pro (was Text Editor) is an easy-to-use word processor with a state-of-the-art interface which exactly matches the printout. The clean design allows you to focus 100% on the writing instead of being distracted by many rows of icons and buttons. Write-Pro always shows exactly how the document will look like when printed with the automatic title and page number headers. Unlike other word processors, the ruler is visible only when requested and you can directly edit the automatic headers and footers from within the page. Features - State-of-the-art interface which exactly matches the printout - Edit multiple plain text and rich text (RTF) documents at the same time - Automatic title, page number, and date headers - Allows you to save the font for each plain text document - Multiple levels of undo and redo for text changes - Integrated spelling and grammar checks - Search and replace text using the Find panel - Cut, copy, and paste text between any opened documents - Print, preview, and save as PDF documents

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