Data Generator 1.0.5


Title:Data Generator
Developer:Sechin Sergei
Sub category:Developer Tools

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  • Data Generator can generate random text data, and is equipped with such functions as saving the information into clipboard, setting up the parameters. It utilizes an enormous base of names, addresses, numbers, articles, and headlines. Features - Generation of names and surnames (male and female) - Generation of titles for articles (advertising, astronomy, beauty, recipes, medicine, motivation, philosophy, technologies, travelling) - Generation of articles on topics: advertising, astronomy, beauty, recipes, medicine, motivation, philosophy, technologies, travelling - Generation of test email addresses - Generation of test credit card numbers - Names of professions - Phone numbers - Company names - Numerical values (floating point numbers and integers) - Capability of substitution of a national currency icon before and after number into numbers - Names of colors - Nicknames of animals (dogs, cats, birds) - Generation of current date in formats DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD - Days of the week in abbreviations and in full - Current time in formats AM/PM and 24 hours - Names of months in abbreviations and in full - State names in abbreviations and in full - Countries in abbreviations and in full - Postal indexes - Mailing addresses - Cities - Storage of 10-50 recent results and capability of repeated copying of the information to the clipboard

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