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  • WarrantyManager manages the warrantees of all your products. You can add anything to WarrantyManager and build you own inventory database. Products can be assigned to any of the categories, manufacturers and suppliers. You can add any document (receipt, warranty, product photo, email, etc.) to your product entry. Emails can be imported directly from email application. The attached files can be viewed instantly via Quick Look. Features - QuickLook integration - Attach all documents - Attach e-mail from mail application - Import attachment from TWAIN Scanner - Import attachment from FaceTime camera - Import attachment from macOS Media-Browser - Import attachment from macOS Picture Taker - Rename attachment - Automatically save all attachments - Automatically save all changes - Rename attachment - Full screen support - Supports macOS Notification Center - Retina Display support - Search on Ebay - Search with bing, Excite, Fireball, Google, GoTo, Wolfram Alpha, and Yahoo - Search for a product picture on Google - Drag attachment to product picture - Save product picture as PNG or JPG file - Backup/Restore - Export data as CSV file - Create an event in the calendar at the end of warranty - Print a list of items with or without details - Share your items with in your system available sharing services

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