DragToDo 1.5


Developer:Alexander Hofstede
Sub category:Productivity

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  • DragToDo is a light-weight, low mental overhead to-do-list app for macOS to just keep track of the Most Important Things (MITs). Drag-and-drop files, e-mails, calendar events, etc., to make a list of what you need to be doing right now. It can also be used as a list of temporary bookmarks you want to keep together while you're processing them. Simple drag-and-drop interaction makes it easy and fast to add new items to your list. No clicking, no typing, no deciding what project a new item belongs to or which priority it should get. Avoid the mental overhead of coming up with yet another "five-word item description". Features - Appears when you need it, hides when you don't - Drag in files, e-mails, calendar items or web links to add them to the list - Double-click to open the related item - Drag the icons out to remove the item when it's done

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