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  • Crisp is an all-in-one solution for customer communication. It has beautiful apps for all your devices. Reply to customers from your computer or on the go from your mobile. MagicType lets you view messages as they are typed. See what’s in the head of your visitors before they hit send. Write your response message faster and increase your conversion rate. Every team has its own workflow. Crisp integrates with the software you are already using with your teammates. You can choose to opt-in to an integration to answer customer questions from there, or use our Crisp apps. It’s all synchronized. - Chatbox - Crisp supports more than 50 locales. From English to Arabic, we support most world’s population. - MagicType is a great way to reply faster to your customers by seeing what they are writing, in real time. - Update colors, texts, positions, remove the Crisp logo, to adapt to your brand. - Automate your sales with automated triggers and increase sales up to 31%. - Get a modern and personal chat experience by sending files, GIFs, and smileys. - Setup Crisp with 90 seconds and 2 lines of code. We also have easy integrations for most CMS. - Apps - A beautiful app that works on all platforms. Crisp apps are tailored for digital workers. Fast and easy to use, you will love them. - Integrations - Reach all your customers from a single interface. With Crisp integrations, connect with your customers whenever they are. Deliver a scalable and unified customer experience, from Chatbox, Messenger, Telegram, SMS, or email! - Crisp integrates with your existing favorite tools so that your can keep your existing workflow. From email, Slack, or Zendesk, Crisp synchronizes all your messages, so that you can reply from your existing tools. - We built integrations with multiple CMS that you can add with just a click. We also have tutorials - just follow the steps! Set up Crisp in just 2 minutes, no need to have any technical knowledge. - Collaboration - The Crisp inbox synchronizes messages across all members of your team. - Offline? Crisp notifies the right person. From your desktop, your mobile or email, you will never miss a message! Crisp supports office hours, which allow you to set up availability hours and days by operator. - Don’t miss anything! Share a note with colleagues a private to keep them up-to-date about a conversation with a customer. - With Crisp's MagicType, you are aware of what your colleagues write in real-time in a conversation. - Campaigns - Crisp helps you build an audience. With Crisp, you can connect personally to thousands of people. Unlock new opportunities and make your business global. - With Crisp you can target your customers across segments to deliver the right message to the right target. - With Crisp campaigns, your users can directly reply to your marketing emails. Replies land in your Crisp inbox. The Crisp team inbox and canned responses help you scale your customer support flow. - Crisp campaigns are compatible with multiple customer channels (Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Email). You can reach them all from a single unified interface. Our team inbox and our team integrations (Slack, Zendesk) help you reply faster to your users. - Insights - MagicMap help you to get realtime information on your business. See your customers around the globe on a map and engage them! - MagicBrowse is a great feature to understand your users, and improve your product and website by seeing a stream of your users’ screens. Help your users in realtime and see what they do. Help your users when they need it. The power of co-browsing in your Crisp app. - With Crisp Analytics, you have an overview of your business activity. Get Analytics on your chats, satisfaction, emails collected. Measure employee efficiency. - With Crisp Profiles, you have a detailed overview of your customers. Get their social networks, activity, history, devices. Add your own data! Crisp is available in a variety of editions: Free, Pro, and Unlimited. Pricing information can be found here.

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