Growly FreeCell 1.1


Title:Growly FreeCell
Developer:GrowlyBird Software LLC
Sub category:Card and Board

Rate 91% (Votes 3400)
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  • 8fbced5c85a705411a65897a218b96bc

Comments (9)


  • Growly FreeCell is unlike traditional solitaire, FreeCell is very easy to win. If you’re looking for a pastime that isn’t too frustrating, this may be your game. (The "experts" claim that over 99.9% of games can be won, but I’ve never found one I couldn’t beat.) That doesn’t mean there’s no challenge. The rules are easy to learn, but some games are much harder than others. You start with 8 piles of cards, dealt face-up. You must sort them into suits, starting with the Ace and continuing to the King, in the 4 piles shown at the top right. You can move cards to empty piles, to the free cells at the top left, or onto the next higher card of the opposite color. Moderately challenging, and lots of fun!

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