Pine Player 1.14.05


Title:Pine Player
Developer:Siseong Ahn
Category:Home Personal
Sub category:Music

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  • Pine Player is an exclusive music player for music lovers. It can play almost all existing digital audio forms such as MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF, OGG, WMA, DSD, etc., and it also has a strong playback capability for listening to CUE files in the most convenient way. Features - Maximum 32-Bit, 768Khz Up-Sampling: - Pine Player supports various kinds of PCM formats, so it can play sound sources from 16 to 32 bit; it can also reproduce clear and abundant sound quality by supporting a maximum of 768kHz. - Pine Player’s unique Over Sampling Filter is a technique that upconverts an ordinary MP3 file into a 32bit, maximum of 768kHz, and high sound quality sound source and sends it to the DAC for it to be played in best performance. Ordinary MP3 files’ sound quality can actually be heard more clearly and plentifully. Obviously, HD audio files such as MQS and DSD can be upconverted to a maximum of 768kHz as well. - Convenient and Strong Playlist and Prevention of Text Cracking: Pine Player has a very convenient playlist because users can save and manage the music they wish to listen to, change the order of the music being played by simply dragging, and express any kind of language or text encoding perfectly because of its flawless decoding function. There is no Korean code cracking. - Cross Fade And Gapless Set-Up: Cross Fade function, which is a technique that decreases the gap between songs when listening to files on the playlist or overlaps the songs for no gaps at all, can be set into seconds. - Mass Storage Of Audio Queue For Real Time Converting: Pine Player prevents damage of sound quality by having a high-powered Audio Queue for processing excessive amount of digital data. Therefore, it takes a considerable amount of memory compared to other music players. - Automatic Isolation Of Damaged Sound Sources: - Pine Player has an automatic isolation function for damaged sound sources called Vault. If a damaged sound source is detected while playing the music, the music is stopped and taken to the Vault file for isolation. Through this convenient function, users can easily figure out which sound source is damaged and restore it. - Even with all these functions, Pine Player is a free app. Moreover, there are not any marketing or advertising material. Especially, no information including personal ones are sent to the outside or the Internet.

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