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  • maFileRenamer empowers you to rename your files like never before. Features Strip: - Strip a number of characters from the left/right - Remove specific characters - Remove characters within a subrange - Remove text fragment before or after a given string (string excluded or included) - Allow alphanumeric characters or only letters Insert: - Insert text string at given character positions in original file name. Replace: - Transform to lowercase - Transform to uppercase - Capitalize - Replace characters within a subrange with other characters - Find and replace text Add: - Add prefix/postfix - Add photo meta data, such as: pixel height, pixel width, creation date, modification date, exposure, colorspace, etc. Numbering: - Starting from a certain number - Prefix or postfix numbers - Number of digits used - Numbering before or after the filename - Sort: from A to Z or from Z to A Presets: - All renaming options can be stored easily in presets. - Accessible at any time to reuse. Miscellaneous: - File renaming based on loaded text file - Log export possibilities - Powerful integration with Centurion

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