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  • Snippery allows any user to securely save and categorize all their snippets of text, from a few lines to very big text fragments: written from scratch, imported from HD, downloaded as HTML from the specified URL, or with the output obtained from any Shell session done in Snippery's Terminal Mode. These snippet creation modes are powered with a wide set of text edition operations, RegEx support, and some automatizations, as for example the definition and use of text templates with on-the-fly placeholders substitution. Main text edition operations: - Add/Remove Line Numbers - Add End of Line Concatenate Lines - Capitalize Words - Capitalize Sentences - Exchange Characters - Change text to Lowercase - Change text to Uppercase Prefix / Suffix - Delete Duplicated Lines - Repeat Last Line - Repeat Last Line with Substitution - Shift Right - Shift Left - Sort Lines - Straighten Quotes - Trim Lines - Trim Selection - Export selected Snippets as text or JSON - Send Snippet via email

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