Menstrual Period Tracker 5.9.6


Title:Menstrual Period Tracker
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  • Menstrual Period Tracker (was Menstruation and Ovulation Calendar, then was Menstrual Period Tracker and Ovulation Calendar) is a menstrual-period tracker with pregnancy mode. Features - Smart calculation: if you enter period dates that are different from predicted days, the app recalculates its predictions. - iCloud support (synchronizes data between all your devices). - Today widget (extension). - Keeps history of your menstrual cycles. - Can different symptoms (e.g. migraine or abdominal pain). - Symptom names may be changed. - Calendar colors may be changed. - Can track body temperature (in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees). - Displays basal body temperature charts. - Text notes (e.g., about period, taken medications, mood, friends) may be attached to each day. - Automatically predicts menstruation periods. - Automatically predicts probable ovulation days. - The user interface is easy to use and looks good. - Full screen mode. - Password protection (if you forgot your password, please enter: passwordrecovery111).

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