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  • Stamps allows a hobbyist philatelist to easily import and record details of their stamp collection, including: - Catalog ID, description, face value, year of issue and country - Certificate of authenticity - Vendor and valuation - Purchased date, quantity, and cost - Stamp grading using common terminology for used, gum condition, and centering - Overall condition rating - Faults identified - Dimensions of the stamp - Color (if applicable) - Perforation details - Photos of the stamp, invoice and certificate of authenticity (add images by drag and drop Stamps allows you to import your stamp collection from a spreadsheet CSV file (with headers) to minimize re-keying of data and to export your collection as a CSV file (excludes photos) to share with other collectors. Also, a stamp can be duplicated, with the copy being a data entry template when adding stamps with similar data. Your stamp collection can be filtered by catalog ID, description, face value, year or country and images of your stamps can be viewed in the photo gallery. Inquire on your portfolio profit as well as print listings, the portfolio details or a gallery listing of your stamp collection.

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