Requirements Manager 2.7.1


Title:Requirements Manager
Developer:Cameron Stewart
Sub category:Developer

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  • Requirements Manager RMdB is a low-cost tool which is simple to use and easy to learn. It has been created to assist with the identification and documentation of requirements associated with any developmental product - software, hardware, or any other form that requires a documented specification/testing regime. Requirements Manager RMdB is not designed to replace the many complex and expensive corporate requirements-management tools that already exist, but is intended to supplement them by providing a simple requirements-management solution for smaller developmental activities. Features - Identify and document requirements - up to 6 levels of parent/child indenture - Identify and document Tests - up to 6 levels of parent/child indenture - Graphically record requirement and test development status - Auto-generate unique requirement and test reference numbers - Customise requirements criteria (up to 5 criteria can be defined) - Customise requirement and test number prefixes to provide context to the auto-generated numbers - Change the criteria and auto-generated number Prefixes in populated databases - Link multiple tests to a requirement with one click of the 'link' toolbar button - Record notes and version-history date/time stamp notes and version history - Record test completion - Create printed reports with customisable content - Save reports as RTF files to be further customised by more specialised word processors - Use context-sensitive menus and keyboard shortcuts to enhance productivity - Use drag-and-drop to allow efficient restructuring of requirement and test child/parent relationships - Requirements traceability to ensure dependencies are understood and addressed when modifying requirements - Requirements parser - Remove all requirement and test links from selected requirements or Tests with one click of a menu item - Import and export .csv files using customisable field and record delimiters - Create to-dos and assign an owner, status, and priority

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