SimpleTOR 1.8


Developer:José Antonio Jiménez Campos
Sub category:Network

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  • SimpleTOR (was XustoAnony) is a graphical user interface to manage an embedded TOR SOCKS proxy that lets you access the Internet privately and anonymously. Features - Your Internet access is tunneled over the TOR network, and websites do not see your real public IP address. - Access the Internet through encrypted gateways routing through nodes across the globe through the TOR network. - All your software that supports SOCKS proxy can use it, such as Safari. - Access websites on the "dark net" of anonymous .onion web sites, only accessible in the Tor network. - With the "Location" network feature of OS X, you can quickly toggle between TOR proxy and your normal internet connection. - Compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan. - Keep your data privacy! You can get more information about The TOR Project at Disclaimers: - Internet speed through the TOR anonymization network is much slower than through a non-tunneled connection. - SimpleTOR uses the TOR distributed networks, but is produced independently from the TOR anonymity software and carries no guarantee from The TOR Project about quality, suitability, or anything else. - TOR proxy does not function in China, Iran, and other locations that actively block TOR with DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology. Internet providers who use such filtering and censorship technology may also prevent it from working. - SimpleTOR is only a graphical user interface, and it doesn't have any relation with The TOR Project.

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