BlueSense 1.3.1


Developer:Inspira Studio
Sub category:Desktop

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  • BlueSense analyzes the signal of your Bluetooth device and executes any desired actions when you move away or come back into proximity of your Mac. Decide what BlueSense has to do when your device is detected or when you are far from your Mac--and even when you are away for a long time. BlueSense triggers custom scripts when your Bluetooth device is detected, far-away, or not detected for a long period. Features - Friendly interface for Retina display - Remains discreet in your menu bar - Checks to avoid false positive - Adjust the verification interval - Fast check mode when the device is lost, for faster activation when you come-back - Delay the execution of your scripts - Additional script that runs when the device is lost for a long time - Nice graphics of the Bluetooth signal - Adjust precisely the sensitivity of the detection - Sound alerts and notifications to be notified of the status of the application - Disable verification sounds, select the system output and volume of the alerts (advanced) Important: Remember to pair your Bluetooth device with your Mac before using BlueSense. Although good examples of scripts are available on the website, BlueSense requires skills to develop your own AppleScripts.

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