Directional Drilling 6.1


Title:Directional Drilling
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  • The Directional Drilling Survey provides the control of directional drilling of oil wells with calculations and plotting of well planning and survey data in vertical section, plan and x-y-z views, calculations between two survey stations, easy tools to 2D and 3D wells and plot multilateral wells. This app was developed based in existing spreadsheets. There is no comparison with any other software. Our goal was to create a very low-cost application with the help of experts to share with drilling engineers, technicians, drillers, students and teachers of drilling engineering. This is not intended to replace professional software. Features - Well Planning with Multiple Sections (Minimum Curvature) - Ability to work with data files - Directional Survey: Edit, Add, Insert and Remove Survey Data - Calculations Methods: - Tangential - Balanced Tangential - Minimum Curvature (default) - Radius of Curvature - Angle Averaging - Print Reports - Survey Data Calculations in 5 methods - Formulas of the Methods - Ability to work with length units: foot and meter (metre) - Vertical Section View, Plan View and X-Y-Z plotting. - Ability to Multilateral wells plotting limited to 6 wells. - Easy tool to create 2D Wells (Type I, II and Horizontal). - Easy tool to calculate 3D sections on well planning. - Sharing data files via email, iCloud and iTunes. - Import Well Planning (MD,Inclination,Azimuth) from CSV text format file - Export Well Planning (MD,Inclination,Azimuth,Quadrant,TVD,HD,VSection,N/S,E/W,DLS,BUR,TRN) to CSV text format file - Import Survey Data from CSV text format file - Export Survey Table to CSV text format file - Sharing data files with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch via iCloud, iCloud Drive, AirDrop or email. - Well Planning Interpolation - Well Planning Simulated Survey (steps 100ft or 30m)

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