App Wiki for Wikipedia 1.3


Title:App Wiki for Wikipedia
Developer:Xie Junhua
Sub category:Reference

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  • App Wiki for Wikipedia (was Quick Search for Wikipedia) is a lightweight, minimalist interface to Wikipedia. By using it, you will increase your productivity because you get less distracted while reading Wikipedia, the biggest multilingual encyclopedia on the Internet with over 20 million articles in over 280 languages--and still growing. Features - Access Wikipedia with "1 click" from your menubar - Search over 20 million articles from your menubar - Save articles to read later or offline - Read articles in multiple languages - Share articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and via email - Resizable tab window, easily increase/decrease the tab window to your liking. - Mobile and Desktop modea, you can easily alternate between modes - Stealth Mode, adjust the transparency of the Tab for Wikipedia tab with the opacity control slider. Use stealth mode to discreetly check Wikipedia without anyone else noticing. - And much more: - Standard hotkeys (like 'Cmd + R' to refresh) - customisable tab colour - opacity control - launch on startup Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

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