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  • AstroImager is a powerful, but easy-to-use image-capture application for astrophotography. It can be used as a client to any remote or local INDI server with any supported CCD, filter wheel, or focuser. The built-in drivers support the following hardware: - ATIK Titan Mono and Colour - ATIK 3xx/4xx family CCDs - ATIK One 6 and 9 (and its internal filter wheel) - ATIK 16200 CCDs - ATIK 11000/4000 CCDs - ATIK VS and Infinity CCDs - IIDC CCDs (compatible USB 2.0+ or FireWire cameras, including Atik GP) - ZWO ASI USB 3.0 CCDs - Starlight Xpress CCDs (all USB 2.0 cameras) - QSI 5xx/6xx CCDs - FLI CCDs - SSAG/QHY5 CCDs, - SBIG CCDs (vendor SDK must be installed), - QHY CCDs (experimenetal code), - MEADE DSI CCDs (experimenetal code), - Starlight Xpress filter wheels - FLI filter wheels - ATIK EFW2 filter wheels - ZWO ASI EFW filter wheels, - SBIG filter wheels (vendor SDK must be installed), - Shoestring Astronomy FC USB Focuser controller - USB_Focus V3 focuser controllers AstroImager also controls the set point cooling and the mechanical shutter of the attached camera (if available). It can preview or capture and save images to selected folder with any file name prefix, count, duration and time lapse, browse captured images and show them in Finder, zoom and stretch them automatically or manually. It can measure FWHM and the drift of a selected star to help easier and faster focus and align your equatorial telescope mount. Captured images can be plate-solved using public service or local Astrometry for OS X application. Images are stored in FITS format using CFITSIO library with user defined keywords and can be debayered automatically during preview with custom offsets. Two separate filter name sets can be used for easier change of carousels. AstroImager is a member of our amateur astrophotography tools family including AstroTelescope, AstroGuider, and FITS Preview.

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