ChapterWork 1.5.1


Developer:einstein's legacy v2.0, LLC
Category:Multimedia Design
Sub category:Video

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  • ChapterWork is a modern utility for working with chapter tracks and markers in your digital movies. Built on Apple's AVFoundation technology, ChapterWork frees users from using labor-intensive text-based tools and provides a simple and effective graphic interface for creating, updating, and internationalizing chapter tracks in your movies. Features - Single Window User Interface ChapterWork uses a single window graphical user interface makes text-based methods for managing chapter tracks obsolete. - Multiple Chapter Tracks ChapterWork can create multiple chapter tracks. These tracks can be manually or automatically enabled to handle the various playback circumstances, for example multiple languages or varying download speeds. - Unlimited Chapters Whether you need one chapter marker or one thousand, we leave that decision up to you. ChapterWork doesn't impose any artificial limit on the number of markers in any track. - Easy Internationalization Use ChapterWork to create multiple chapter tracks, assigning a specific language to each. Playback tools, like QuickTime X, can use these associations to present local language chapter markers based on the user's current settings. - Batch Processing ChapterWork exports your movie using a background task. This allows you to work on other activities without waiting for movie processing to finish. Use the Activity Monitor to track your export's progress. - Sharing Once you have created a new movie, ChapterWork allows you to share the completed output movie via e-mail or using popular internet services (such as Vimeo). - Modern Codecs ChapterWork works with the modern movie formats supported by AVFoundation. In certain circumstances, legacy codecs that will not play in the ChapterWork Preview can be modernized to provide a playable output movie.

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