Folder Color 3.1.1


Title:Folder Color
Developer:iFunia Corporation
Sub category:Icon Tools

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  • 2q5rr_Folder_Color_3.1.1.pkg
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  • MD5
  • a4ff3c1e09563b01d59791fa66e38ad6

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  • Folder Color is a neat tool to customize your Mac OS X folder icon, create colorful and unique folder icons for your computer to classify and manage your folders highly efficient. Features - Number of customized yet friendly folder icons supplied in resource library. - Support adding pictures into resource library and edit them to specialized your folders category. - Create your own stunning folders with simplicity and ease. - Change the folder icon color, manage your folders via different color classification. - Custom certain folder icons help you identify what's inside of them, such as photos, emails or documents. - Classify and find your folders easily with customized folder icon. - Create a customized icon based on a configurable icon style: size, position, shadow and transparency. - Easy to apply your customize folder icon: just drag-and-drop the folder into Folder Color, done.

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