GPX Editor 2.92


Title:GPX Editor
Developer:Modesitt Software
Category:Home Personal
Sub category:Travel

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  • d10b1e8ce43c255bff5a5d6ae7ab71b5

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  • GPX Editor can edit GPX files exported from many GPS devices and other apps. Features - Open, edit and save multiple GPX files. - View and edit waypoints, routes, tracks, track points, and file info. - View a chart of elevation vs. track point (when elevation exists). - Copy waypoints, routes, tracks and file info and paste to a spreadsheet. - Copy-and-paste waypoints, routes, and tracks from one file to another. - Show or hide waypoints and track points. - Drag waypoints and track points to a new location on the map. - Add new waypoints, tracks and track points. - Get current weather for a waypoint or track point. - View street views of waypoints or track points when available. - Download elevation for any waypoint or track point. - Take a screen shot of the map for printing or reference. - Drag and drop track points to rearrange their ordering (within the track point list). - Preferences let you change pin, route and track colors and more. - Flickr search for photos and videos at any waypoint or track point location. - Delete waypoints, routes and track points to refine your GPX file. - Delete multiple track points easily. - Merge track points. - Combine track segments. - Combine tracks. - Delete track segments. - And more!

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