Song Buddy 1.05


Title:Song Buddy
Developer:Wide Angle Software
Category:Home Personal
Sub category:Music

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  • Song Buddy is your own personal music guide. It will display a profile about the artist or band that you are listening to. Also displayed are links to the artist's online presence (such as official website and social media) for you to explore further. You can browse through images of the artist which can then be saved to your Mac should you desire. Song Buddy even will list the artist's upcoming events if the artist has any planned in the future. Song Buddy is closely integrated with the iTunes store. You can choose to view the artist's iTunes store page where you can preview or purchase their current releases. Song Buddy also conveniently has a releases section where you can view and preview the artist's releases without leaving the Song Buddy application. There are iTunes store links to each release which make it simpler to purchase should you wish. This provides a great way to find out about an artist's earlier releases or even newest releases. Whilst it is fun to learn more about your favourite music artists, Song Buddy is also a tool for discovering new artists that you may like. It has a Similar Artists tab which lists artists and bands that are considered similar to the one you are currently viewing. You can then select one of these artists to view their information in Song Buddy. Song Buddy contains a convenient search feature that allows you to search for a specific artist. This enables you to view information for any artist regardless of the artist you are currently listening too or whether you have music by them. Song Buddy sits in your desktops Notification Center as a small icon. It will only display in full when you click on it and reverts back to just an icon once you have clicked off it. This allows you to listen to your iTunes and use your Mac undistracted as you normally would. You can then simply toggle it to display once an artist starts playing who you wish to know more about.

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