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  • xProDDNS is a dynamic DNS client for Dyn, No-IP, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic that runs natively on Windows, OS X, and Linux. It is secure, fast, and efficient. Workstations and headless servers are easy to manage, thanks to local and remote access via mobile and full web user interfaces powered by a built-in web server. Features - Security is crucial so all data is encrypted and the login passphrase is stored as a hash derived from an obfuscated salt. Outbound connections for checking public IP addresses, updating Dynamic DNS service providers and sending email and text messages are all made securely using TLS (transport layer security). - Versatile configurations are delivered through the simultaneous use of multiple Dynamic DNS service providers, multiple accounts per provider, multiple hosts per account and the choice of assigning any NIC (network interface controller) and a public, private or static IP address to each host. The frequency of checks for IP address changes, the period of time that the activity log data is maintained and many other settings are easily configurable. - Notifications of Dynamic DNS service provider updates and public and private IP address changes are sent in realtime as email and text messages. - Activity log data is displayed dynamically and can be filtered with a wide variety of criteria for live monitoring of specific event types. That activity log data can then be exported as a file in CSV (comma separated values), XML (extensible markup language) and JSON (javascript object notation) formats. - Throughout xProDDNS, relevant guidance is provided using a context-sensitive help system. Detailed descriptions and suggested actions are available for each possible status code from Dyn, No-IP, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic.

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