Stapled 2.1


Developer:Frederic Blondiau
Sub category:File Management

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  • Stapled is an original utility letting you share your artistic creations in their best quality, at locations previously reserved for photographs. Any plain document can be morphed into a picture document, and, consequently, handled and stored as an image file. Open any document with the application: it creates a new document -- literally a picture -- rendering a preview of the original document... but a somewhat special picture that also embeds the original document at its full quality. Wherever you put this picture, you also put the original document. The original document has been "stapled" with the picture (hence the staple, drawn on the picture). When you re-open a picture created by Stapled (or a copy of it) in the application, it will magically re-create the original document! The original document has been "unstapled" from the picture. If you like the idea of Stapled, if you want to help us improve the product, or if you would like to avoid the manual renaming of the files (they are, by default, only named "Stapled DEMO"), you can unlock the product by clicking the lock in the top right of the main window (or by choosing "Unlock..." from the application menu). Payment is handled by Apple through the Mac App Store. Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

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