Esoterica: Hollow Earth 1.0


Title:Esoterica: Hollow Earth
Developer:Alawar Entertainment
Sub category:Puzzle

Rate 91% (Votes 4629)
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  • Esoterica: Hollow Earth leads you to discover the fabled land of Agartha! Experience an edge-of-your seat sci-fi adventure that will take you to the depths of the planet, the bad guys nipping at your heels every step of the way! Guide young Stephanie as she follows clues for locating and activating a machine her grandfather built that can tunnel through Earth to the lost continent of Agartha. When disaster strikes in the bowels of the planet, you'll have to employ your skills of observation and your wit as you search for skillfully hidden objects and solve devious puzzles. Then help Professor Stone, Stephanie's missing grandfather, keep his discoveries out of the hands of the vile Count Stauffenberg, whose plans could destroy the planet! Finally, take an active role as the two storylines collide in a stunning final act! Dazzling art, professional vocal work, and jaw dropping production values will be your companions as you explore underwater caves, a subterranean jungle teeming with bizarre life forms, and the laboratory of an evil genius. Just be careful who you trust. Don't miss Esoterica: Hollow Earth, an amazing journey inspired by the pages of classic sci-fi, complete with all of the wonders and thrills! Features: - 3 episodes of adventures and mysteries - 125 locations in stunning graphic style - 40 smart mini-games - 25 mysterious HO scenes - Exciting graphic novel - 29-card deck from the Encyclopedia World Agartha!

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