Mach Desktop 4K 3.0.3


Title:Mach Desktop 4K
Developer:Mach Software Design
Sub category:Desktop

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  • Mach Desktop 4K is the first (and only) 4K dynamic motion wallpaper application. Mach Desktop 4K features 40+ stunning themes, with each theme featuring advanced 3D effects or breathtaking 4K Video, and the most cutting-edge and beautiful "Desklets" ever to grace a Desktop! 3D effects include but are not limited to: Light, Water, Fog, Smoke, Clouds, Fire, Snow, Stars, Galaxies, Quasars, even Black Holes, and more! Mach Desktop 4K also features a super efficient video player foundation that can play full 4K videos while consuming on average 5% CPU per display* Built on tested and proven technology, Mach Desktop 4K is the most advanced and beautiful application to ever live on your Desktop. Mach Desktop 4K works great on Retina (3K) displays as well! Features - 40+ Themes, with the option to automatically add customized Desklets or add no Desklets at all; the choice is yours! - All included Quartz compositions and Quicktime videos are full 4K - Unlimited display support, with each display being independently customizable - 25+ 3D (Quartz) Compositions with stunning rendered effects such as light, water, fog, smoke, clouds, fire, snow, stars, galaxies, quasars, black holes, and more - Nearly 20 true 4K videos with a wide variety of nature, architecture, and space themes - Choose themes graphically with a single click - Add nearly 25 different Desklets with a single click; with each Desklet supporting customized position, size, font, foreground color, and background color - Web page Desklets allow to you put multiple web pages on your Desktop, allowing full customizability for position and size - Forecast Desklets show temperature, conditions, wind speed, humidity, and pressure for the next 12 hours - Works great with Retina (3K) displays - Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use

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