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  • LetterSlide allows you to create dynamic letters or words that slides in and out when you interact with them. You can create text characteristics that match your site by varying the animation delay, speed, easing, direction and more. It even provides custom linking and Google font options. LetterSlide is ready for Stacks 2+ and supports RapidWeaver versions 5/6/7. Capabilities - Easily Create Animated Sliding Letters or Words - Animate Letters or Word Groups - Ten Animation Delay Options - Eleven Animation Speed Options - Thirty-One Animation Easing Options - Animation Direction Options - Same-Word Hover Option - Google Font Options for First and Second Words - Size Text from Small to Huge - Responsive Text Sizing - Separate Color Controls - Separate Shadow Controls - Custom Link - Letter Margin and Padding Adjustments - Web-safe Font Weight and Style Settings

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