Quick Desktop 1.0


Title:Quick Desktop
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  • Quick Desktop is a simple utility to a everyday problem faced by almost all of Mac users - minimizing all windows to view the desktop. Quick Desktop helps you to launch Desktop Quickly in a single click or a hot key stroke. - Go to the desktop quickly - Quick Desktop as the name says gets you to view the desktop in a single click or a hot key stroke by minimising all the open windows. - Restore all windows back - The app also enables you to restore all windows that you minimised in the first place again with a single click or a hot key stroke. - Reduce Mouse Clicks - Using Quick Desktop enables you to save more than 90% of mouse clicks used to view desktop by manually minimising all open windows - Instant Reach - QuickDesktop app is available in menubar always if you enable it to launch on start and can be activated in a single click or configured hot key stroke. - Launch on Start - You can configure the Notes app to launch on start so that the app launched silently and is available instantly for your click or key stroke.

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