Tomb Raider 1.0


Title:Tomb Raider
Developer:Feral Interactive Ltd
Sub category:Action

Rate 91% (Votes 950)
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  • Tomb Raider is an intense, classic action game. When a young Lara Croft is shipwrecked on an uncharted island, she enters a fight for survival armed with nothing but her instincts. Help Lara perfect her natural gifts as she embarks on a perilous journey to save her friends and escape the island’s murderous inhabitants. Scavenge vital resources, upgrade Lara’s gear and improve her exploration, combat and survival skills to fight back against vicious enemies. Jump and climb through dense forests, treacherous mountains and WWII bunkers to discover how an ordinary young woman became Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Features: - Take control of Lara Croft and guide her progress from amateur archeologist to seasoned adventurer. - From death-defying leaps to grueling climbs, harness Lara’s athleticism to carve a path through the untamed wilderness of a mysterious island. - Confront Yamatai’s deranged inhabitants with a motley assortment of weapons - Lara will need to find new parts to turn them into truly devastating armaments. - Acquire advanced survival skills to forage for extra supplies and navigate almost impassable terrain. - Enhance Lara’s combat prowess by mastering brutal takedowns to dispatch stunned enemies. - Salvage scrap to upgrade your equipment, such as rope arrows and the pry axe, then use them to access new areas and discover concealed treasure. - Delve into the island’s disturbing past by hunting down lost diaries and defeating devious puzzle tombs. - Explore Yamatai’s stunning locales; leap between rooftops in sprawling villages, creep through eerie caves and traverse the precarious bowels of ancient shipwrecks. - The Single Player DLC pack, containing all DLC for the Mac App Store version of Tomb Raider, is now available as a free activation.

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