Outlinely 2.10.4


Developer:Glam Software Co, Ltd
Sub category:Word Processing

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  • Outlinely is the home for all your notes, thoughts, ideas, and todos. It’s an elegant outliner in the form of a text editor, with a robust document-management system. It provides an exceptionial environment for ideas and insights, and is packed with great features: focus mode, typewriter scrolling, and word count. Features - Library and folders: All your outlines in one place, neatly organized - Open Quicky: Search and open any document instantly by just typing a few words - Favorite a document and access them quickly from the Favorited folder - Create lists inside lists - Easy to organize the outline - Expand to reveal detail, collapse to hide detail - Add notes and links - Add highlight to important phrases - Checklist with checkboxes - Change font, font size, make bold and italic text - Mark item as completed - Zoom in to any item. Zoom out to exit - It's a text editor, so you can intuitively copy/paste, search/replace, undo/redo - Drag-and-drop to organize - Markdown highlighting - Focus mode: Dim everything except the current section of text - Light/Dark/Sepia and many other beautiful themes - Create your own custom theme - Read and write OPML files (Outline Processor Markup Language) - Export your outline to OPML, PDF, Microsoft Word Document, RTF, HTML, Markdown, and plain-text formats - Full-screen mode

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