iPhi 1.4


Developer:Bastian Roessler
Sub category:Science

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  • iPhi is a lightweight interface to the incredibly powerful Wolfram|Alpha™ Computational Knowledge Engine™, which is unbeaten in solving problems in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Computer Science and many more... iPhi through Wolfram|Alpha™ is able to: - find solutions for mathematic problems like Integrals or Linear Algebra. - answer concrete scientific questions like „What is the distance from Earth to Mars". - provide general info about a sheer unlimited number of things. From „Oxygen" to „United States". - use realtime data for questions like „what is the weather for tomorrow?" or „20 Dollars in Euro". - even answer trivia questions like „Movies with Leonardo DiCaprio". For all these different purposes iPhi is a clean, disturbance free Interface that puts the information you requested into focus. iPhi’s unique features are: - Provides a search history that is document based. So you can store and later load the way you found the solution to your complex problem. - Special simplified Input methods for often used search queries like Differentiate, Integrate, Linear Algebra operations and 2D/3D Plotting. - These Moduls generate Mathematica™ compatible search queries that can be copied to clipboard. - Compatible with desktop and mobile versions of Wolfram|Alpha™. - When using the desktop version, iPhi automatically scales the view to the information you requested. - Download capability for graphics and data. - Printing and export to PDF support for your results. - Compatible with Wolfram|Alpha™ Pro that provides even more detailed info. - "I’m feeling lucky" Button that gives you a random question and the answer to show what Wolfram|Alpha™ is able to do or to just have some fun learning. Disclaimer: The developer of iPhi is not affiliated with Wolfram Research, Inc. The Wolfram|Alpha™ Computational Knowledge Engine™ can be accessed using a web browser via http://www.wolframalpha.com

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