Beast Boxing Turbo 1.0


Title:Beast Boxing Turbo
Developer:Goodhustle Studios
Sub category:Sports

Rate 91% (Votes 1996)
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  • In Beast Boxing Turbo, punches will come at you with turbo speed, and you'll need to conserve your energy and hit back with devastating combos at the slightest opening. Learn to flow smoothly between attack and defense. Laptops, keyboard-and-mouse, and gamepads are all supported! Earn money by prize fighting, and spend it on nearly endless character upgrades and beastly boxing gear. Will you spend all your winnings becoming the fastest fighter in Beasthalla? Try to build up the ultimate defensive armor set? Wear a chicken totem for fun? It's all up to you! Beast Boxing might be simple to understand, but it's not easy. Getting your bearings as a human going up against huge beasts is gonna be tough... so don't expect it to be a cakewalk! Unlock tutorial sessions as you play to learn how to optimize your combos, read your opponent's guard, and throw the right punches to survive! Features: - Punch a turkey in the face - Retro-style challenge - 35+ pieces of unique boxing gear - Upgrade your six skills to level 99 - New Game Plus for the masochistic

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