Espresso Ray 3D 1.3.0


Title:Espresso Ray 3D
Developer:ER3D Group LLC
Sub category:Medical

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  • Espresso Ray 3D is a low-fat, to-the-point, 3D DICOM viewer, surface analyzer, and converter. Espresso Ray 3D is a 3D viewer and surface generation analysis tool designed to work with DICOM images and other medical imaging formats (namely nifti-1). It supports 3D volumetric data. It supports both grayscale and color DICOM image volumes. Designed for CT and MRI modalities, possible applications of the software are virtually limitless. Unlike complicated bloated medical software, Espresso Ray 3D exists to be as simplistic and to-the-point as possible for completing both common and sophisticated medical imaging tasks. If you need to quickly view, image, surface, and analyze data from MRI and CT, ER3D will do it! These days, medical software tends to be bloated, overcomplicated and not very easy to use. But what about those of us who are not medical professionals? It seems as if traditional medical viewers missed the memo: Mac software should be simple, easy, and shouldn't require any training to use. Apply that concept to a DICOM file viewer, and Espresso Ray is the result.

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