Washing Machine (3-license) 10.9


Title:Washing Machine (3-license)
Sub category:Internet Utilities

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  • Washing Machine makes it easy to get rid of the junk that’s making your Mac slow: duplicate files, and old programs you never use. Plus, it enables you to automatically organize things so both you and your Mac operate more efficiently. - Reclaim - Lose that unwanted file baggage There are lots of files on your computer that you simply don’t need: Caches you no longer in use, language files for languages you don’t even speak, and many more. Washing Machine hunts down these files so your computer can run faster and more efficiently. - Duplicates - Get rid of useless clones Chances are, you have a lot of redundant files on your computer; not backups, but duplicates you don’t even know about (and certainly don’t need). Washing Machine identifies these useless hangers-on and lets you get rid of them in a click. Making more space for things that matter. - Organize - Whip your desktop, dock and files into shape Clutter is the enemy of efficiency. Washing Machine can automatically organize your heap of desktop files into the right folders. It also shows you which apps you use most often and allows you to drag and drop them to and from your Dock with ease. - And more...

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