Desktops 1.0


Developer:The Alchemist Guild
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  • Desktops brings the experience of multiple desktops to your Mac with new features to help you visually organize and manage your commonly used files in one handy location. While there are many ways to organize, search and maintain the files on your Mac, the desktop is unique for its visual use of space that lets you really look at the files you have in a single familiar place. However, the desktops greatest strength is also it's greatest weakness: because it's such a convenient place to keep new files it quickly becomes a dumping ground and fills up to the point it becomes untenable. The goal of Desktops is to help mitigate the dumping ground dilemma by offering multiple desktops (or desktop-like storage areas) for your commonly used or recently added files along with new ways to organize and navigate those files. Features: - Unlimited multiple desktops. - 3 modes: full screen over the Finder desktop, normal window or as a menu bar app. - Groups and Smart Groups. Groups help you save space by merging files into single icon which can be navigated without opening new windows or creating folders in the Finder. - Containers. Containers are like groups which arrange files as a list inside the Desktop to save space or visually organize related files. - Stacks. In Desktops a folder can be either a normal folder which opens as a new window in the Finder or as a Stack which you can navigate from a popup window in Desktops.

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