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  • MenuBar Stats gives you: - A quick view to your system health right in your menu bar. - 5 advanced modules (CPU, Memory, Network, Disk, Battery). - Each modules can be in 1 combined window, or in their own separated window, for more detailed information. - Simply use drag-and-drop to reorder your modules right from the menu bar or from the window. - Highly customizable. - Notifications for most of the modules - Top processes monitoring. - Show or hide the modules in the menu bar. - Battery Module - Keep a close control on your battery health - Be informed with the notifications, when to charge or not your battery - CPU Module - Optional graph in detailed view mode. - As for any module, show hide module name, gauge, text in the menu bar - Threads, Load average,... - Memory Module - Memory Clean - Memory monitoring with traditional or memory pressure style - Optional graph in detailed view mode. - High number of options for the information displayed in the menu bar - 5 Top processes. - Disk Module - Eject Disk from MenuBar Stats. - Reveal the volume in Finder. - Get notified when your disk run out of storage space. - Network Module - A quick view in the menu bar on your throughput. - Detailed information on your interface. - Quickly copy your IP address and more. - Other - Menu bar can be re-ordered by Shift-drag-and-drop while in combined mode. - Menu bar items can be customized with different type of gauge. - Keyboard Shortcuts to call your modules - Access all your modules from the menu bar or from the Dock. - Have the theme follow automatically the color of your menu bar. - Keep or not MenuBar Stats windows floating above your desktop. - And more ...

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